New Dental in Stroud added to Halsa Portfolio

Halsa Capital have extended their relationship with Envisage Dental Limited through the recent acquisition of a dental Freehold in Stroud, Gloucestershire, which compliments the existing portfolio geographically and continues to strengthen the bond between Landlord and Tenant.

The building is an attractive Georgian Listed, four-storey former townhouse which has been a multi-surgery dental practice since 1999.  It has the benefit of its own car park at the rear and is well located within the town.

The deal did not go entirely smoothly, with some insurance queries, but the benefit of a pragmatic seller and the ongoing relationship between Halsa Capital and Envisge Dental meant that we could all work together to get this purchase over the line.

A spokesperson for Halsa Capital commented ‘it is unlikely that the deal would have gone ahead if there was not a very close seller, buyer and tenant relationship, which only emphasises the benefit of working with industry specialists to secure the best outcomes. Due to our reputation and experience we were able to work with our insurers to get this deal over the line, whereas in many cases an independent purchaser may not have been able to secure suitable cover against an insured risk.’

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