At Hälsa Capital, we specialise in delivering bespoke real estate investment solutions.

Our real estate investment solutions facilitate stable, long-term growth within the healthcare and veterinary sectors. With our agile investment team, we can move quickly to capitalise on market and growth opportunities.

Moreover, we foster strong, long-term relationships with our tenants and partners, enabling mutually beneficial investment solutions.

Our Team

At Hälsa Capital, we are dedicated investment specialists in healthcare real estate, with a diverse freehold property portfolio. Our investment strategy focuses on purchasing, maintaining, enhancing, and redeveloping premium properties. This is done primarily using sale and leaseback agreements.

Above all, we pride ourselves on fostering strong partnerships with financially stable tenants across multiple healthcare sectors. Our portfolio encompasses medical, dental and veterinary practices.

Through our leading real estate investment solutions, we aim to benefit both our properties and our tenants. As such, our dedicated team supports business growth by strategically investing in healthcare real estate across the UK. Growth-orientation is at the core of our approach, as we generate returns through earnings growth and capital value enhancement.

Sustainability is an integral part of our commitment. Consequently, we actively improve the build environment, operational efficiency, and social impact of our properties. We work closely with tenants to implement sustainable asset management opportunities.

In summary, we envision a robust and resilient healthcare real estate landscape across various UK geographies and healthcare sub-sectors. Our mission is to continue expanding our portfolio and contribute to the growth of the healthcare industry.

Real Estate Investment Solutions (3)
Real Estate Investment Solutions (3)
Real Estate Investment Solutions (3)

9 Dental Acquisitions

Purchased from Envisage Dental UK Ltd.
In a significant expansion move, Hälsa Capital Limited has successfully acquired nine dental freeholds from Envisage Dental UK Ltd. This deal, which was concluded in March 2021, demonstrates Hälsa Capital's commitment to broadening its footprint across the UK. The new properties are spread from the South East to Newcastle-under-Lyme, diversifying Hälsa Capital's portfolio. This strategic acquisition is projected to strengthen Hälsa Capital's position in the UK property market, while also providing promising opportunities for future growth.