What We Do

Agile sale and leaseback investment strategies focused on healthcare real estate.


At Hälsa Capital, we purchase freehold properties on a sale and leaseback basis.


We are looking to expand our assets across the healthcare sector including but not limited to dental and veterinary practices.


Our small, dynamic team means that we can move quickly and efficiently, helping to work to your chosen timelines. Scroll down to learn more.

Why Choose Sale & Leaseback?


Release Tied Up In Capital

The sale and leaseback process leads to the release of capital that was originally tied up in property, thereby enhancing your financial liquidity.


Debt Settlement and Equity Release

The sale can allow you to settle any existing debt associated with the property and release equity, improving your financial flexibility.


Assistance in Partnership Transition

If partners wish to retire or disengage from present financial obligations, Hälsa Capital's sale and leasebacks can assist in the transition process.


Maintenance of Operational Continuity

The lease provides long-term security for partners, allowing you to stay on the premises and operate your business without any disruptions.


Right to Renew Lease

At the end of the initial term, you will be granted rights to renew the lease, securing your ability to continue business operations at the premises.


Cost-Effective Property Investment Disposal

With Hälsa Capital's experience and in-house expertise, you can benefit from an efficient and low-cost exit from your property investment.

How Our Process Works

Sales Process
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Engaging in Expert Consultation
Confidential Property Assessment
Thorough Valuation & Due Diligence
Offer Negotiation & Agreement
Swift Completion & Capital Release
Sales Process
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Considering Selling Your Freehold?

At Hälsa Capital, we take a bespoke approach to every potential transaction. We are ready and willing to cater to your unique needs as a tenant and/or seller. Here’s how we can support you:

If you're looking to keep running your practice but are interested in freeing up some equity, we could discuss a sale and leaseback strategy.

With this arrangement, you can sell your freehold and lease it back, allowing you to continue running your practice while releasing capital from your property.

For dental or health groups looking to expand their business or add new premises, you may not require ownership of the property.

Instead, we can help facilitate lease agreements that suit your business growth trajectory without tying you up in property ownership.

For private landlords who are simply looking to divest their freehold while a lease is still in place for the tenants, Hälsa Capital can assist with this process.

We strive to make the transition seamless for both you, the seller, and your existing tenants.

Responsible Business Practices

Partnering with our tenants for a sustainable future

We believe in forging sustainable partnerships with our tenants to improve the build environment, operational efficiencies, and the environmental and social impact of our operations.

Energy efficiency and minimising rising utility bills are an important consideration for all business owners – especially in today’s climate. Where we can, we aim to add renewable resources to all of our properties.

Our team are keen to work with our tenants to discuss and implement the installation of solar PV panels, electric car charging points or other renewable energy installations where possible.

Have a Question?

Should you wish to discuss a property or if you have any questions regarding our services, we are readily available to assist. Just a phone call or a message away, we are here to help.