9 New Dental Acquisitions

Added to the Halsa Capital Portfolio

In a significant expansion move, Hälsa Capital Limited has successfully extended its reach within the UK’s healthcare real estate sector by acquiring nine dental practice freeholds from Envisage Dental UK Ltd. Finalised in March 2021, this acquisition is a clear testament to Hälsa Capital’s dedication to enhancing its portfolio and presence across the United Kingdom. Solidifying its reputation as a forward-thinking and dynamic group of property specialists.

Spanning locations from the South East to Newcastle-under-Lyme, these new assets enrich Hälsa Capital’s investment portfolio, aligning perfectly with the company’s strategic vision of growth and diversification. By incorporating these dental practices into their holdings, Hälsa Capital not only strengthens its stance in the UK property market but also underscores its commitment to supporting the healthcare sector.

Hälsa Capital specialises in healthcare real estate investment, offering premium services that include purchasing, maintaining, enhancing, and redeveloping freehold properties through sale and leaseback agreements. Their approach is centred around partnering with financially stable tenants across various sub-sectors of healthcare, ranging from dental practices to medical doctors, veterinarians, and orthodontists. This acquisition is a shining example of how Hälsa leverages sale and leaseback transactions to provide dental practices with an opportunity to unlock their property’s value while ensuring long-term security.

Hälsa Capital remains committed to implementing leading asset management strategies that produce positive outcomes for both properties and tenants. As they continue to explore and invest in a vast array of healthcare real estate assets across the UK, this acquisition marks a significant milestone in their journey towards enhancing operational efficiency, the build environment, and the overall social and environmental impact.

By strategically investing and broadening their footprint with acquisitions such as these dental freeholds from Envisage Dental UK Ltd., Hälsa Capital is well on its way to achieving its mission of being a sustainability-conscious, growth-centric leader in healthcare real estate investment.

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