Halsa Capital adds 9 Dentals to their Portfolio

Aquisition of 9 Dental Practices Hälsa Capital Limited has started 2024 with a positive acquisition of 9 dental practice freeholds from Portman Healthcare Limited.  Finalised in March 2024, this acquisition is a further step forward for Hälsa Capital, enabling them to enhance their healthcare portfolio and presence across the United Kingdom. Expanding their reach of […]

The Role of Commercial Leaseback as a Financial Strategy for Healthcare Practices

Commercial Leaseback for Healthcare

Is commercial leaseback as a financial strategy, a viable option for your healthcare practice? When you need to unlock funds without selling your operations base, leaseback offers a unique opportunity. It’s a straightforward transaction that can shore up your practice’s financial health. This concise guide provides a straightforward approach to understanding how this strategy can […]