Halsa Capital adds 9 Dentals to their Portfolio

Aquisition of 9 Dental Practices Hälsa Capital Limited has started 2024 with a positive acquisition of 9 dental practice freeholds from Portman Healthcare Limited.  Finalised in March 2024, this acquisition is a further step forward for Hälsa Capital, enabling them to enhance their healthcare portfolio and presence across the United Kingdom. Expanding their reach of […]

The Role of Commercial Leaseback as a Financial Strategy for Healthcare Practices

Commercial Leaseback for Healthcare

Is commercial leaseback as a financial strategy, a viable option for your healthcare practice? When you need to unlock funds without selling your operations base, leaseback offers a unique opportunity. It’s a straightforward transaction that can shore up your practice’s financial health. This concise guide provides a straightforward approach to understanding how this strategy can […]

9 New Dental Acquisitions

Added to the Halsa Capital Portfolio In a significant expansion move, Hälsa Capital Limited has successfully extended its reach within the UK’s healthcare real estate sector by acquiring nine dental practice freeholds from Envisage Dental UK Ltd. Finalised in March 2021, this acquisition is a clear testament to Hälsa Capital’s dedication to enhancing its portfolio […]